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We’ve prepared these Physio CPD quizzes to test your Physio knowledge of different topics.

Each test focuses on an aspect of clinical practice and is suitable for all levels of experience.

These CPD tests are designed to complement our case studies to test and build clinical knowledge.

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lower limb injury quiz

Lower limb injury quiz – 7 quick questions to test your Physio knowledge [3min test]

Test your Physio clinical knowledge of lower limb injury and clinical assessment! Give yourself 60 seconds ...
Test yourself now!

How to use Physio CPD quizlets

CPD quizzes can be a bit of fun, but there’s a (slightly) serious and valuable side to them.

Quizzes test specific points of knowledge and they’re a great tool to identify small gaps in your clinical knowledge.

Unlike a case study, which you can rely on what you know, a Physio CPD quiz will focus on specific content within a niche or broader topic.

If you don’t get a question wrong, don’t just note the correct answer and move on. Go exploring the topic and other related content.

Did you select the wrong answer for the question about AFTL and intracapsular vs intrasynovial? Maybe it’s a one-off, or maybe you need to revise your knowledge of ankle ligaments and specific locations.

The question about extracapsular vs intracapsular vs intrasynovial isn’t just a fun academic bit of trivia.

If you get a patient in with a distinct intracapsular pattern of ankle swelling, could the AFTL produce swelling in that location or is another structure at fault?

That’s going to change your hypothesis and management plan significantly, provided you know if an isolated AFTL injury can cause that swelling.

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