About Pete Colagiuri

I’m Pete Colagiuri, the founder and coordinator of Physio CPD.

My career started over two decades ago and has given me some wonderful opportunities to work with inspiring mentors.

This website is my chance to give some of that inspiration back to the Physio community.

pete colagiuri

Current roles


Working clinically at Bioathletic, although I am no longer taking new clients.


I am developing Android apps for Physio businesses including our pioneering diagnostic algorithm.


I provide professional development via this website. I am no longer taking any new CPD mentoring clients.


After completing my undergraduate degree at University of Sydney, I started working in a public hospital in NSW Australia on a six month allocation.

From there, I moved on to a general suburban private practice under the mentorship of Garry Morgan, a musculoskeletal Physio with over 30 years experience.

That experience, and close mentorship, grew my skills as a Physio with a focus on communication and clinical reasoning.

In 2005-06, I completed my Masters of Sports Physiotherapy and began to focus my clinical work on running biomechanics, lower limb and pelvis injuries and complex clinical reasoning.

I started lecturing at University of Sydney in 2007 while I continued working clinically.

I had the opportunity of working with some amazing mentors at the university, including Dr Leslie Nicholson who coordinated the post-graduate Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy programs.

I coordinated and taught across undergraduate, graduate entry and post-graduate programs at the university – I even picked up faculty and university awards for teaching in my time there.

In 2012, I completed a Masters of Research with a thesis on injury surveillance in football.

Late 2012, I started Bioathletic with Travis Waite, a sports-focused clinic in Manly, NSW.

In 2016, we added a clinic at Taren Point to our offering.

Our clinics have Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, S&C trainers and Dietitians all working together to provide a coordinated, team approach to case management.

We’re lucky to have some to the best minds in the business working alongside each other, and we grow from continuous input and challenges in our work together.

I started working with Professional Development clients in 2017 and have grown our offerings from professional mentoring to clinic workshops and online education.

Most recently, I’ve expanded my Physio clinic app development company, Physio Rehab Apps, and created a low-cost, fully featured app for Physio clinics to engage their clients. It offers instant diagnosis, injury advice, biomechanical screening and even exercise programs. If you’re curious about what the next evolution of Physio clinic marketing looks like, check out the “Bioathletic” app in your preferred app store.

For now, I hope you’re growing as a Physio and on a journey to a fulfilling, remarkable career.