Physiotherapy CPD online, one coffee at a time

Your development as a Physio is more than just growing your clinical skills.

Your Physiotherapy CPD should be about building on your strengths, towards your life goals. aims to do that, one coffee break at a time.

Learning, your way

When it comes to Physiotherapy CPD, it’s hard to know where should you invest your time and money.

Think of it this way – which one best fits your growth plans?

Case studies and online resources

Free case studies and online resources are a simple way to start your Physiotherapy CPD journey. Small bite-sized challenges to test yourself. They fit with any time commitment and can help identify which aspects of the job to focus your CPD efforts.

Physio CPD offers Physiotherapy CPD online resources, like case studies with audio advice from our mentors. You can access these for free.

In-person CPD courses

Face-to-face Physio CPD courses are designed to deliver the same content to everyone. And there are times in your Physio life that you need that generic knowledge, like when you’re just starting your career.

CPD courses are typically offered by your professional organisation as well as private providers in the industry. They target specific content knowledge and can vary widely in their quality and applicability to your career stage.


Mentoring on the other hand delivers only what you require and moves as fast as you can grow. It doesn’t cover old ground that you’re already familiar with or provide info that isn’t useful with your target population. However the value of your mentoring can be limited by the quality of your mentor, so finding the right one is vital.

Webinars, courses and online memberships

Physiotherapy CPD online webinars, courses and memberships have grown rapidly in recent years and also provide a great method of ongoing learning. There are a range of options that you can consider based on your particular circumstances and needs.

Ready to take the next step?

Read about specific focus areas within Physiotherapy clinical skills.

If you’re looking for Physiotherapy CPD online memberships, webinars and courses, check out our list of top providers.

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If you’re ready to find that next big career progression, we offer an anonymous service for Physios to let them know about career opportunities that fit their ideal job conditions, whether that’s more hours, more income or more senior roles. Best of all, your identity is protected and never shared with prospective employers.

finding a better Physio job

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