Physiotherapy CPD – the best 11 online courses, webinars and memberships

We compare online Physiotherapy CPD providers from around the world, although it’s focused on Australian Physiotherapists and their CPD needs.

It’s not in ranking order but we’ve only included CPD providers based on recommendations, reviews and feedback.

For most Physiotherapists around the world, there’s a requirement to achieve certain Continuing Professional Development (CPD) standards each registration year.

Australian Physios, you’ll need to be familiar with the Australian Physiotherapy CPD standards as there are regular changes and updates to the policy (you can find the latest policy document here).

Physios from New Zealand, here’s your requirements from the Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand (NZ, it’s worth noting that the board is auditing the CPD records of 1 in 20 Physios each year so stay on top of your documentation).

For our UK readers, you can find out more about your CPD requirements from HCPC’s website.

We’ve grouped the providers into:

  • Memberships: those who offer Physiotherapy CPD content in an all-you-can-eat format, where your subscription gets you access to all their resources
  • Webinars: those who offer a (typically) monthly webinar, discussing a range of topics
  • Courses: content that you select and can pay for individually, rather than only with a recurring subscription

These Physiotherapy CPD providers offer content that is presented to you, rather than online material that you need to read and interpret yourself (such as research journal subscriptions).

Some providers offer free online physiotherapy courses but the providers listed generally offer paid subscriptions.

We’ve excluded Physio CPD providers that offer interactive content, such as our case studies or quizzes.

Lastly, this is a growing list – if you’ve got any suggestions or recommendations, head for our Facebook page and drop us a DM.

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All membership and course costs are quoted in Australian dollars unless otherwise stated.

And FYI, we don’t make any money from referrals or recommendations – this page is just a helpful resource without any bias.

Physiotherapy CPD memberships


  • This UK-centric website offers memberships with access to almost 400 online courses with 1300+ hours of content
  • It’ll cost around £150/year or A$300/year, but there is a free trial membership with access to two free online physiotherapy courses
  • The Physiotherapy CPD material is professionally presented and easily digestible
  • The presenters are from around the world, which adds to the appeal of learning from outside of the paradigm associated with your country’s Physio education
    • Basically, you’re learning from someone who didn’t come through the same system as you and can likely add some variety of your reasoning and skillset)

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

  • This is the UK’s professional association for Physios, and it offers a decent collection of short form Physiotherapy CPD resources
  • The content is part of your annual membership fees and gives you access to videos, interactive courses, learning assignments and PDF downloads
  • Each bit of content is designed to take around 10-45min so it’s easily digestible in small doses
  • If you’re already a member, it’s worth exploring the resources and free online physiotherapy courses on offer before paying another Physiotherapy CPD provider

Clinical Edge

  • This Australian Physiotherapy CPD provider offers a variety of different formats of content, mainly aimed at the Sports and Private Physio market
  • The content comes in audio format (downloads and free podcast), video and infographics so you can consume it however you like
  • It’s not the cheapest membership around, costing around A$60/month but Clinical Edge training review’s often comment on the quality of presenters, growing archive of material and clinical utility of the content, so you should get good value for money

Physio Network

  • An Australian group of Physios offering a different angle on the classic Physiotherapy CPD approach
  • Physio Network has two separate memberships – one provides a summary of 12 research papers per month, the other offers access to a growing list of 2hr video masterclasses
  • The research summaries are provided by well-known Physios and they offer some clinical applications for the research, with a back catalogue of 4 years worth of summaries available
  • The masterclasses are limited at this stage, with around 30 offerings totalling just over 60 hours of video
  • At US$15/month for the research summaries and US$99/year for the masterclasses, it’s one of the more cost-effective options around

Online Physio Training Australia

  • This online provider based in Australia has around 200 hours of video content on offer
  • Membership will set you back A$40/month or A$350/year, although there’s a handy option for 30 days access for $1 to try before you commit
  • I like the multiple choice tests at the end of each bit of content, to provide a record for Physiotherapy CPD requirements and to make sure you understood the material
  • The material and variety of presenters is a little limited though, so I’m not sure if an annual membership will have enough content to fill your year (for avid CPD enthusiasts)


  • This Australian-based provider offers 700-ish resources including online lectures and certificate courses
  • Ausmed CPD set you back around $100 per quarter, which gets you access to the content and their handy app for recording your Physiotherapy CPD hours
  • It’s not Physio-specific content though – there’s more offerings for peripheral areas of Physio practice that you’ll come across in a hospital setting (such as drugs & alcohol, pain management and chronic disease management)
  • Ausmed CPD subscription would be useful for a mid-career hospital Physio looking to broaden their knowledge outside of Physio practice
  • I wouldn’t recommend this subscription for private practice Physios or early career Physios

Physiotherapy CPD webinars

CPD Solutions/Physio Webinar Club

Physiotherapy CPD online courses

Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA)

  • The APA CPD program probably has the biggest collection of online and in-person courses on offer in Australia
  • APA PD doesn’t run many courses themselves, but offer approved courses from external providers on a wide variety of Physiotherapy CPD topics
  • It’s also one of the most expensive options, with annual membership costs + a (discounted) fee per course or webinar
  • APA CPD courses cater for Physio students and early to mid-career Physiotherapist’s PD needs



  • This UK-based Physiotherapy CPD provider has a limited number of courses on offer, covering fairly specific aspects of private Physiotherapy practice
  • Each course looks well designed and provides around 7hrs of Physiotherapy CPD material
  • Priced at £80 per course or £300 for all courses, it’s reasonable value…but…
  • It doesn’t have a comprehensive list of topics, covering only 7 topics including fringe aspects of practice like Kinesiotaping and Shockwave therapy, so it wouldn’t be a one-stop shop for your Physio CPD needs

Physio Rehab

  • Another Australian provider of online courses for Physiotherapy, this group offers a very limited selection of just 3 topic areas
  • The online courses are a mirror image of the face-to-face course, both with 15 hours of content
  • Each course costs A$400 and there are courses on knee, lumbar spine and shoulder
  • These courses would be good for a new grad or early career Physio or a Physio just starting in private practice (moving across from hospital work)