Clinical notes app – Physio’s new best friend

We’re very excited to announce the upcoming release of our new clinical notes app!

We asked the profession about their biggest frustration, and it seems like clinical notes and paperwork was in everyone’s top 3 responses. Not surprising, as it can occupy up to 20% of your working hours and it’s often not directly accounted for in an employment contract.

So what if you could reduce the time it took to get your notes on file? What if notes that used to take one hour each day could be condensed into 15 minutes?

Already keen and just want to sign up?

Thanks to some feedback from practicing Physiotherapists, we’ve come up with a simple but very functional solution. The end result is still evolving as we write the code but here’s where we’re at as of August 2023 (it’s about 70% completed and due out late 2023).

The first release is for Musculoskeletal and Sports Physio, but we’re looking to expand into neuro and CP Physio in a later version (depending on demand).

How the Clinical Notes app saves you time

  1. Open the clinical notes app (on mobile, tablet and Mac at the moment, soon to be followed by web browser access)
  2. Select the target body region, like Ankle
  3. The app provides the most common clinical questions for Ankle, along with the most common responses as buttons
  4. After inputting the full history (in under 60 seconds), the clinical notes app provides:
    • Clinical notes for your Subjective with correct abbreviations and format
    • An optional probability-based list of potential diagnoses that would require assessment in your Physical Exam (eg. Ankle impingement 78% probability, Fibula Fracture 34%, etc etc. (This isn’t recorded in the notes, it’s just as a reference/guide for you and completely optional)
  5. This then brings up the Physical Exam tests and findings
  6. Click on any tests performed and select the finding or outcome (symptoms, range, etc)
  7. The app provides your Physical Exam notes in full with correct abbreviations and format
  8. You have the option of adding your Diagnosis to the notes as well
  9. You’re done in under 2min for an initial assessment, even less for follow up notes – go home early or take an early coffee break…

This doesn’t use AI or any interweb content to “guess” the diagnosis (we all know how accurate Dr Google is…) Every time you use the app, your diagnosis is matched with the app’s probability-based predicted diagnosis and the algorithm is refined and improved. It’s the profession helping the profession.

Our database doesn’t record any user or patient details either, so your privacy is assured. There’s not even an input for the patient’s name. We feed the algorithm with just two bits of info – what it predicted and what you found.

Ready to make life easier and your workday shorter? We can let you know when the Clinical Notes app is launched and we’ll even send you a pre-launch special offer, just for showing early interest.