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Here are our latest posts on Physio professional development.

We’ve included topics like external CPD courses, pay negotiations and salary contracts.

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social media and physiotherapy

Is social media killing our image?

It seems that social media like Instagram and Facebook are the quickest ways for a Physiotherapist to build reputation these days. It's not uncommon ...
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physiotherapy salary compared to other industries

How does a Physiotherapy salary compare to other jobs?

We wondered, how would a Physiotherapy salary compare to other jobs? And we found some surprising results. Physiotherapists' income has long been a point ...
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alternative careers for Physiotherapists

Alternative careers for Physiotherapists

If you've started searching the interwebs for "alternative careers for Physiotherapists", it's safe to say that you're probably not happy with your current work ...
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online courses for Physiotherapists

11 free (and 1 paid) online courses for Physiotherapists

If you're looking to speed up your career progression, or simply to find more enjoyment in your work, there are some great online courses ...
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new physiotherapists job condition

New Physiotherapists: don’t accept a job without this vital condition

After years of hard (and expensive) study, it's tempting for new Physiotherapists to want to dive into full time work. Whether it's the enthusiasm ...
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What’s your professional development goal?

For a Physiotherapist, professional development should be about accruing enough hours to tick that box on your registration every year.

Physio CPD is an amazing opportunity to grow your career in the direction that gives you the most satisfaction, working with the clients you want to work with.

The more you can develop your Physiotherapy skills and reasoning, the less frustration you’ll feel with unexplained responses to treatment or that meh feeling when every ankle looks like an ATFL injury.

But growth like that doesn’t come from just attending courses and staying in the game for enough years to be called a “senior” Physio.

It’s the result of careful planning and focusing on your goals in order, to achieve career success and growth (and the salary to match).