Professional Development

Here are our latest posts on Physio professional development.

We’ve included topics like external CPD courses, pay negotiations and salary contracts.

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best advice for new grads

The best advice for new grads – just focus on this 1 thing [5min read]

Advice for new grads who are currently or recently emerging from their Physiotherapy degrees is everywhere. Social media will talk about the best way ...
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don't ask for a pay rise

Don’t ask for a pay rise, justify it! [5min read]

Asking for a pay rise can be scary! It’s confronting to ask your boss for more coin. You don't want to come across as ...
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apta physical therapy courses and apa physiotherapy courses

Are APTA/APA physiotherapy courses really the best option? [5min read]

Newly-graduated Physiotherapists often wonder how they can advance their skills. Are APTA/APA physiotherapy courses the best way to go? Should I do one of ...
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physiotherapist salary in 2022

What’s a good Physiotherapist salary in 2022? From new grads to experienced Physios [6min read]

For new Physios in Australia, thinking “what’s reasonable for a Physiotherapist salary?” seems to be common. Asking friends, colleagues and employers about it, however, ...
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What’s your professional development goal?

For a Physiotherapist, professional development should be about accruing enough hours to tick that box on your registration every year.

Physio CPD is an amazing opportunity to grow your career in the direction that gives you the most satisfaction, working with the clients you want to work with.

The more you can develop your Physiotherapy skills and reasoning, the less frustration you’ll feel with unexplained responses to treatment or that meh feeling when every ankle looks like an ATFL injury.

But growth like that doesn’t come from just attending courses and staying in the game for enough years to be called a “senior” Physio.

It’s the result of careful planning and focusing on your goals in order, to achieve career success and growth (and the salary to match).