Interested in upgrading your Physio job?

Latest positions just offered:

> A full time Sports and General Practice gig in the Northern Suburbs
> A Women’s Health & Pilates position in Sydney’s south

Finding a Physio job around Sydney isn’t too hard – at any one time, it seems like there are 40+ APA job ads listed searching for private practice Physios and at least that many waiting on Seek.

Finding the RIGHT Physio job? That’s another story…

So often we hear about Physios who just aren’t happy in their current role. It might be that the promised in-house PD and mentoring never happened, or that they’re long overdue for a promotion or pay rise but seem to be waiting forever. Sometimes they’ve just outgrown the clinic or it’s just time for a change.

If that’s the situation and nothing changes, it’s easy to get disheartened with Physio and walk away. There are so many stories of good Physios being lost to the profession due to less-than-ideal work conditions!

By the same token, you don’t want your employer to know that you’re seeking out Physio jobs around Sydney. It’s a bad look and might affect your current work environment.

So how do you seek out Physio jobs with conditions that better suit your expectations, without the secret getting out?

Well, we’ve come up with a solution that benefits everyone!

We compare your ideal Physio job conditions with opportunities that are forwarded to us by employers. Let’s say you’d be interested in picking up an extra 2 days work, in a clinic in North-West Sydney, on $100k+ pro rata and seeing mainly sports and women’s health clients.

When there’s a match for those job conditions, you’re notified and get to consider whether the offered position suits your needs. If it doesn’t, no harm done. If it could work for you, you’re given their contact details to set up a preliminary chat.

The employer finds an enthusiastic Physio looking for a chance to shine. And the profession doesn’t lose another good Physiotherapist to frustration and boredom. It’s win-win-win!

This service can help you find a Physio job that takes your career to the next level, a 2nd job to boost your hours or an on-field sports coverage gig to boost your income.

As a Physio and clinic owner in Sydney, I believe that it’ll help good Physios find more satisfying work, it’ll help Sydney-based clinics by finding motivated Physios on the way up, and it should strengthen the profession by improving the value that clinic’s provide to their Physio staff.

The rules

Registered and able to work

We’re only taking applications from Physios who are registered with AHPRA and are legally able to work in Australia (that’s kinda obvious but we need to be clear on that one).

Confidentiality of info

We don’t need your name when you submit your ideal Physio job parameters below.
You can be known by any name you please. We never know your identity so confidentiality is assured.

Your details are never forwarded to clinics

When a Physio job comes up that matches your perfect conditions, you make contact with the clinic.
They don’t get told anything about you or your parameters.

Only candidates are provided with options

Businesses are never told any details about Physios, only that someone will consider their opportunity.
It’s all power to you so you can make the best choice without any pressure.

No fees for candidates, ever

We don’t charge you to submit your ideal Physio job parameters.
We don’t charge you when we put you in touch with employers.
We don’t charge you when you find your ideal job.
We want more Physios in better jobs for a stronger profession overall.

The process

  1. Fill in the desired job parameters below
    1. Your details will be added to our database
    2. There’s no fee for you, ever. Not on submission and not when we find matching positions for you. Never.
  2. Clinics submit their positions/opportunities to us
  3. If your parameters match the position, we message you with the job parameters to see if you’re still interested
  4. If you’re interested in moving forward with a meeting, we’ll send you the clinic’s contact details to get in touch with them
    • The clinic won’t receive your details to maintain confidentiality, however they will be notified that we’ve found a match

If nothing comes up for a while, we might check in to see if you’re still open to opportunities. You’re welcome to opt out at any time.

Not from Sydney?

We’re in the early stages of rolling out this service to the Physio community, so we’ve decided to limit the applications to Sydney-based Physio jobs.

Nominate your city to help us prioritise the most popular areas to add to the next roll out.