This ankle sprain quiz is for Physios of all levels, testing clinical knowledge of pathology and X-rays.

After an inversion sprain, which injury would NOT cause intra-articular swelling?

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A grade 1 Syndesmosis injury typically affects which structure?

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If you're suspecting a Syndesmosis injury and ordered an X-ray, which additional view would you request to assist diagnosis?

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The Ottawa Ankle Rules do NOT include:

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The External Rotation test for Syndesmosis may provide a false positive result for which condition?

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A Maisonneuve Fracture is an uncommon injury after ankle sprains. What type of fracture is it and where is it located?

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Name the xray finding that might account for posterior ankle pain

ankle xray Case courtesy of Dr Henry Knipe,, rID: 25794
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Which type of paediatric fracture is this on the Salter Harris scale?

ankle xray Case courtesy of Dr Hani Makky Al Salam,, rID: 9687
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Ankle sprains
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These questions relate to clinical pathologies seen after ankle sprains.

It tests knowledge of common and uncommon presentations including assessing x-rays.

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