What’s an alternative to Seek to advertise a Physio position?

As a Physio business owner, there’s nothing more frustrating than silence after you advertise a Physio position. All that momentum and caseload that has been built up in the clinic, just melting away as every week passes without hiring.

We’ve all tried Seek and APA job listings, only to receive zero relevant applications (if you exclude the “I’m a trucker driver who’s interested in Physio” and “I’m overseas and haven’t got my registration yet” responses – yes, we really got that truck driver enquiry!!).

Looking for a marketing edge?

Looking for a way to stand out in a crowded marketplace? Ready to lead the industry trend, rather than follow the others?

People spend 88% of their time on mobile apps, rather than browsers.
Google searches, even from loyal customers, shows you alongside your competitors.

Appeal to your target market with a customised mobile app

This Physio-specific app costs less than most websites.
It includes injury assessment and triage tools to improve engagement and illustrate need for treatment.

After advertising for the vacant Physio position, you wait weeks for decent applicants while your revenue suffers. But what else can you do?

After suffering through this issue too many times, we’ve decided to take action and get on the front foot.

We’ve compiled a database of eager Physios with experience and a focus on career growth. They’re currently working, rather than being unemployed, and they’re looking for a Physio position that offers them more career prospects, more support or more hours.

Other Physios are looking to add to their skillset with an on-field sports coverage gig, or a part-time role in a 2nd clinic to learn alternative approaches to case management.

As they’re pre-registered with us and have submitted their preferred Physio employment conditions, there’s no waiting around for someone to see your ad. We either have a match for you or we don’t, but you find out within days.

It’s an alternate way to advertise a Physio position and utilised a “head hunting” model to find the best staff who are currently working but interested in a new or additional role. It’s a better model for fast effective hiring, and it takes away the ridiculously expensive fees charged by job placement companies for less-than-ideal staff options.

Need to advertise a Physio position?

Applicant details are never forwarded to clinics

When a Physio position is posted that matches a candidate’s ideal conditions, we make contact with them to confirm if they’re interested in the position you’ve advertised. You’ll be notified that a candidate is interested but you won’t be provided with their details. The lucky Physio will be sent your details so they can make contact with you.

Only candidates are provided with details

Businesses are never told any details about interested Physios, only that someone has considered their opportunity and will make contact with them.

You’ll be updated if no-one matches

If your criteria doesn’t match any current Physio’s position parameters, you’ll be notified quickly so you can continue your search elsewhere or consider your offered conditions.

No fees, ever

We don’t charge candidates to submit their ideal Physio job parameters.
We don’t charge clinic owners to submit their Physio positions.
We don’t charge clinic owners to be contacted by interested Physios that match their search.

This service is aimed at strengthening the profession – that’s too important for fees to stand in the way.

Sydney only (for now)

We’re in the process of rolling out this service to the Physio community, so we’ve decided to limit the applications to Sydney-based Physio positions.
More Australian cities will be added shortly.

Apply now

  1. Advertise a Physio position by completing the questions below
    • Your parameters are matched with our database to see if there’s a match
  2. If your parameters match a Physio’s ideal job conditions, we message them to see if they’re still interested
  3. If they’re interested and would like to contact you, we’ll send them your contact details to get in touch

You’ll be kept up to date on the progress of your search, whether we have any suitable matches or if we’re waiting to hear back from potential applicants.

Not in Sydney?

We started our job program in Sydney as a trial and will be expanding it to other Australian cities shortly.
If you’re a Physio employer and you’d like to nominate your city to be next, complete the form below. It’ll help us prioritise the next stage of the roll out.