Engage your clients with a helpful business app

Healthcare is notoriously slow in adopting new technology, and business apps seem to be the next frontier.

Having a dedicated business app in 2023 shows you’re amongst the leaders in your industry. It seems like 1 in 3 big business websites now encourage you to “download our app” when you visit their website.

Why would clients download an app?

The big question for anyone investing in an app, as well as anyone thinking about downloading it, is “WHY?”

Why get an app on your phone when you can just look up the website when you need to contact them?

For Physiotherapy practices, the answer is in the helpful advice we provide over the phone every week.

People expect instant answers

Patients and prospective clients would love to have an app on their phone that can provide a quick answer to their injury questions.

Having an app that you trust to provide that advice is worth the reassurance. Knowing what’s going on and what to do about it, without playing Russian Roulette with a Google search.

Along with that injury advice, clients get instant integrated access to online bookings and clinic information.

Ready to be an industry leader?

In the 1990s, having a clinic website showed potential clients that you’re at the leading edge of the industry.

Well, times have changed and it’s become harder to differentiate yourself from other local practices.

Have you thought about an app for your clinic?

An app is more than just a website on a phone. It needs to offer advice, where and when clients need it.

We designed this app, on Android and ios, for a Sydney-based Physiotherapy clinic. It offers on-the-spot injury triage as well as online bookings.

After a rolled ankle, there’s no “give it a week and see” approaches. No Dr Google searches. It’s straight to the app from their Physio.

After answering a few simple questions, the app provides a provisional diagnosis and recommendations. It offers a booking link on the spot and directions to the clinic (or nearest hospital if it’s an emergency).

It’s advice, for clients, from their trusted Physio, when they need it most.

Physio clinic app for Android
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Engage your clients with a helpful business app