This CPD quiz poses 10 running injury questions to challenge Physiotherapists.


Which factor is associated with a significantly lower risk of injury compared to the average runner?

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Which is NOT a risk factor for Achilles tendinopathy?

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Which injury is likely to benefit from Low Dye taping?

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Which of the following would NOT account for lateral foot pain?

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What injury is shown in this MRI?

knee xray Case courtesy of Dr Domenico Nicoletti,, rID: 35381
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When comparing trail running to road running, trail running has:

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Name the elongated lateral tubercle of the posterior process of the Talus (shown here) that can cause Posterior Ankle Impingement.

ankle xray Case courtesy of Dr Ayush Goel,, rID: 41510
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Which running technique advice would NOT be helpful for ITB syndrome?

This tip alone would move the landing/point of impact further forward, increasing deceleration forces and stability challenges.
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To reduce the risk of injury, what is the recommended weekly distance for OBESE runners commencing a "couch to 5k" type program (ie. sedentary at start of program)?

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Running injuries
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